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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Choose Advanced Aquariums?

How Advanced Aquariums Distinguishes Itself From Others:


We offer the highest quality livestock, products and knowledge. We actually encourage our clients to research our products that we carry and to compare them to others.


At Advanced Aquariums we know that your time is valuable and we offer an On-time Arrival Guarantee. With our consistent revolving schedule we ensure that you know exactly when your Advanced Aquariums Technician will arrive each and every service. One of the largest complaints that we receive about our competitors is no-shows and changing the service dates we will not allow this to happen.


We are fully insured, bonded and have a crew of technicians to service your aquarium needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We are all career focused people and will always be here for you!


Each visit you will receive a copy of the work order with any products itemized and explained to you. We do not have hidden charges and additional fees. Our billing is easy to understand and your service rate is one flat price billed monthly. Some of our competitors have sent bills and refused to explain charges that appeared when they were brought out!


All of our technicians are pre-screened, background checked, randomly drug tested and experienced. We will always arrive in dedicated company vehicles, uniforms and with a smile.


Although all of our technicians are knowledgeable and friendly we understand that letting someone into your home is a bond made with few people. Your technician will stay with you and we will not send people to your home without prior notification.

Can you supply the fish and other animals for my aquarium?

As your freshwater or saltwater aquarium grows, you will probably want to add a new fish or new corals to your tank.

When you are an aquarium maintenance customer, not only do you get a guarantee on your livestock, Advanced Aquariums puts our expertise and our resources together in order to hand select and obtain your unique fish.

We know what to look for when choosing not only a fish that isn’t sick, but one that is healthy and hardy, with the best chance of success in your tank. Most of our fish are quarantined in medicated systems with the exception of those that often fare poorly in such systems.

At Advanced Aquariums, we will never knowingly sell a sick fish or a fish that is not eating.

Be sure to have an Advanced Aquariums representative to acclimate any and all livestock. That’s part of why we are there for you. If you choose to acclimate any livestock chosen for you from our retail location please follow the “drip method” of acclimating your fish.


Do you guarantee that my fish will stay alive?

Our aquarium maintenance service also offers the benefit of a livestock and fish guarantee. The more often we service your aquarium, the longer we can guarantee that the animals we deliver to you stay alive.

The terms of our fish guarantee

Monthly Service: One week (7 Days)

Biweekly Service: Two Weeks (14 Days)

Weekly Service: One Month (30 Days)

Is there anything that can void your fish guarantee?

If you place any fish into your aquarium that an Advanced Aquariums representative did not bring to you then all fish in that tank are no longer under the guarantee. By bringing in fish from another source (i.e. private seller), you may inadvertently bring in parasites, diseases, or worse.

Not following the directions left by an Advanced Aquariums representative (i.e. overfeeding, medicating or change of the system without first consulting an Advanced Aquariums representative).

Fish-to-Fish Conflict: Each fish (just like dogs, birds, humans and other animals) has a personality of its own and can choose to be overly aggressive towards fellow tank mates as they grow or as they establish territories and/or “pecking orders” among aquarium fish. Since these are living creatures we cannot guarantee long-term compatibility.

Who is going to be working on my aquarium?

Experienced Professionals

Aquarium maintenance service companies have a responsibility to you to build a team of people who know the aquarium business and understand fish husbandry.

At Advanced Aquariums, we only hire people who are expertly trained in the aquarium industry. Many of our associates have made a life-long career out of doing so. When we say that some of our associates have over 15+ years of experience we mean it.

We only count working experience, not just keeping aquaria on our personal time as some other companies do.

We will always dispatch our aquarium professionals in a company uniform, and a company vehicle in a prompt courteous fashion. All of our aquarium professionals must pass a background check and drug screening to ensure that we continue to offer you and your family the confidence in allowing us into your home. We are one of the few companies that enforce this policy in our industry.

Letting someone into your home or business is an important matter. It is a bond that is made with few people, and we respect that bond. While all of our technicians are knowledgeable and friendly, when we assign a technician to your home, they are one who will be working with you and your tank. We do not send people to your home without prior notification and permission.

What happens if your technicians damage my home?

We are licensed, bonded and insured to do business within the state of Georgia. We offer a $1,000,000.00 policy to ensure that in any event your aquarium and home will be taken care of. Please let me assure you that we also take all of the precautions necessary to avoid any accident. Several of our competitors offer no such insurance and are generally unavailable when an emergency happens.

I have a fish that is getting sick. What do I do?

Call us immediately.

If you discover ich on your fish, or any other parasite, quickly ask us to look at it for you and to treat it. Ich is a very quick-acting disease, and the earlier it is caught, the better the chance of your fish having a full recovery. so time is of the essence.

Do not wait very long with this condition. CALL US IMMEDIATELY at 770-216-5333 so that we can start getting your fish on the path to recovery.

How can I tell if a fish is getting sick?

The list can be quite long, but here are the most common things to watch for:

  • White specks that look like salt on your fish’s fins
  • Cloudy areas on their fins (the fins should be clear)
  • Hazy skin, or skin that looks dusty
  • Clouded eyes or a cloudy blob on the eyeball
  • Lethargic behavior
  • Refusal to eat

Will I know when you are coming?

You will know exactly when your Advanced Aquariums maintenance technician will arrive for each and every service.

We understand the frustration of being told “we will be there some time between 8am and 2pm.” We also know that one of the largest complaints that we hear about different companies involve last-minute changing of service dates and even no-shows!

We know that your time is valuable and we offer an On-Time Arrival Guarantee. Our consistent revolving schedule helps you know exactly when your technician is scheduled to arrive for all of your services. We keep it simple so that you know when your technician is coming and so that you can plan as far in advance as you want to.

Can I change my scheduled maintenance?

We can change your schedule on a space-available basis. Contact us and we will find a time that works for you and we can make that change either permanent or temporary, depending on your needs.

Do you install aquariums?

All the time!

We install your tank to your specifications and make sure that it is running properly. We can also get tanks ordered or made for you, as well.

Don’t know what other equipment you need? Don’t worry! We can guide you step-by-step and even bring everything with us to the installation so that your tank is up and running when we finish setting it up for you.

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