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Maintenance Service

Aquarium Maintenance Service

Aquarium Maintenance Service

Proper saltwater aquarium maintenance is essential for a clean tank with healthy animals. Advanced Aquariums makes this complex process easy for you. You enjoy your tank and we do the dirty work (or the wet work).

A general aquarium maintenance visit includes cleaning the display tank and the filtration system, making sure that your aquarium equipment is performing as expected, performing various tests on your water to make sure your fish and corals are living in good circumstances, and making recommendations when we need to make a change to the routine or when you are ready to grow your aquarium. We do what it takes to make sure that your tank is getting the proper attention and service that it needs and that you are happy with your aquarium.

We work together with you to ensure that your aquarium maintenance meets your needs and to create the fish tank that you want in your home or office. We take the guesswork out of it for you, showing you what you will need to do in between our visits, and of course, we are available if you have questions.

Aquarium Maintenance Packages

Advanced Aquariums offers specialized service programs when caring for your tank:

Traditional Aquarium Maintenance

The service fee includes the labor, purified R.O./D.I water and sea salts. Fish food, chemicals, medication as well as all other dry goods are all sold separately.

Deluxe Aquarium Service

This service is “All-Inclusive.”  Your service fee will include all consumables (when used as directed), including:

  • all medications
  • foods
  • chemicals
  • salt and R.O./D.I. (fresh) water as needed.

The fee is slightly higher than the traditional plan, offering a much easier and consistent billing program. You receive a consistent bill that does not fluctuate with each visit, making budgeting easier on you.

Items such as light bulbs, replacement parts and livestock are not included in this program.

Aquarium Lease

When you lease an aquarium from Advanced Aquariums we will provide biweekly service with the Deluxe Aquarium Service Plan, livestock, equipment and all other needs for your aquarium for one flat monthly rate.

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