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Aquarium Maintenance Service in Atlanta and Surrounding Areas

Saltwater aquarium maintenance can be a pure joy, and it can also be a pure chore. Advanced Aquariums is a full service aquarium maintenance company in Atlanta, and we can help you enjoy your fish tanks, whether you want to be fully hands-on or if you would rather simply enjoy your tank and let us do the work.

We maintain all sorts of aquariums, ranging from the smaller 55 gallon fish tanks all the way up to handling difficult or unique saltwater aquarium setups that often come with custom aquariums and installations.

We understand that your exotic fish tanks are beautiful conversation pieces for your home or office, and when your friends and guests view them, it is important to keep them looking their best with happy, lively sea life inside.

Our staff is thoroughly trained in both saltwater and freshwater aquarium maintenance. We require all of our technicians to have years of experience owning and taking care of fish tanks, and then we put them through our rigorous training program so that they learn how to take care of your aquarium the Advanced Aquariums way!

When one of our technicians is working with your aquarium, they treat it as if it is their own tank, giving it the extra TLC that it deserves.

We work with you to help you have your dream aquarium that keeps you happy for years.

Creating your ideal and most rewarding slice of ocean life (or river life) in your home takes more than simply cleaning fish tanks and maintaining your aquarium equipment. Your Advanced Aquariums technician helps you understand what is happening with your system and how you can best keep all the fish (and yourself) happy in between our visits.

As you grow your aquarium over time, when you need additional aquarium supplies or want to improve your fish tank with better and/or newer equipment, Advanced Aquariums can help you get the right piece for your fish tank at one of the best prices around and help you get it installed, up and running without any hassles.

Part of the fun of growing an aquarium is seeing the tank’s community grow as well. Choosing the right fish or coral is an important step of growing your aquarium. Our team is well versed in which fish work best with others and what combinations to avoid. We know how to choose good coral for your tank, as well. Advanced Aquariums has access to a very large selection of fish and corals, including several unique choices that you don’t usually see in typical fish stores in Atlanta.

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