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Fish Guarantee

Advanced Aquariums Livestock and
Fish Guarantee

Our aquarium maintenance service also offers the benefit of a livestock and fish guarantee. The more often we service your aquarium, the longer we can guarantee that the animals we deliver to you stay alive.

The terms of our fish guarantee

Monthly Service: One week (7 Days)

Biweekly Service: Two Weeks (14 Days)

Weekly Service: One Month (30 Days)

Selecting fish and adding them to your aquarium

As your freshwater or saltwater aquarium grows, you will probably want to add a new fish or new corals to your tank.

When you are an aquarium maintenance customer, not only do you get a guarantee on your livestock, Advanced Aquariums puts our expertise and our resources together in order to hand select and obtain your unique fish.

We know what to look for when choosing not only a fish that isn’t sick, but one that is healthy and hardy, with the best chance of success in your tank. Most of our fish are quarantined in medicated systems with the exception of those that often fare poorly in such systems.

At Advanced Aquariums, we will never knowingly sell a sick fish or a fish that is not eating.

Be sure to have an Advanced Aquariums representative to acclimate any and all livestock. That’s part of why we are there for you. If you choose to acclimate any livestock chosen for you from our retail location please follow the “drip method” of acclimating your fish.

The only exceptions to the guarantee are as follows:

  1. If you place any fish into your aquarium that an Advanced Aquariums representative did not bring to you then all fish in that tank are no longer under the guarantee. By bringing in fish from another source (i.e. private seller), you may inadvertently bring in parasites, diseases, or worse.
  2. Not following the directions left by an Advanced Aquariums representative (i.e. overfeeding, medicating or change of the system without first consulting an Advanced Aquariums representative).
  3. Fish-to-Fish Conflict: Each fish (just like dogs, birds, humans and other animals) has a personality of its own and can choose to be overly aggressive towards fellow tank mates as they grow or as they establish territories and/or “pecking orders” among aquarium fish. Since these are living creatures we cannot guarantee long-term compatibility.
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