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Aquarium Installation

Getting a saltwater aquarium setup and installed properly can be a daunting task.  Our technicians are thoroughly trained in the Advanced Aquariums way of installing your fish tank.

Our aquarium installations are designed to help your entire system grow with your display tank. We plan and build each job to give you the easiest access to your equipment in your filter system as possible. This makes it easier and faster to clean and maintain your equipment and to upgrade to newer equipment when the time is right. We believe that what’s under your tank should look at presentable as the tank, itself, from the organization and functioning of the plumbing to making it easy for you to do maintenance or to take emergency measures, should the need arise.

We then show you everything that we did, walking you through the system, explaining what does what and how you can make adjustments if needed. We answer questions and make sure that you are as happy with the installation of your system as you are with the aquarium, itself.

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