Advanced Aquariums
Maintenance Service

Clear Communication

Growing a successful aquarium that makes you happy for years to come is the product of clear communication between you and your technician.

This starts with showing you the proper aquarium maintenance steps, taking care of your tank in between our visits, where a full-service aquarium maintenance is performed. We show you everything that you need to know and are available to answer questions so that you can be confident in your ability to handle the day-to-day tasks, like feeding (the most fun time at an aquarium).

Also, during each visit you will receive a copy of the work order with any products being ordered itemized and explained to you. We do not have hidden charges and additional fees. Our billing is easy to understand and your service rate is one flat price billed monthly. You won’t be surprised by one of those “mystery bills” that get sent with unexplained charges and unanswered questions.

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